HT21 - VT22 Projekt

Attention Task with a Robot

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What is the aim of this study?

We want to investigate social attention in a computerised task with a robot

What data are we obtaining?

We will record your performance during the task in terms of speed and number of mistakes. You will also be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire, details of which will be provided to you by the researcher. The task will last approximately 45 minutes.

What do you get in return?

As compensation for your participation you will receive a voucher to exchange at Kraka, one of the university restaurants after completing the experiment.

What are the requirements to participate?

We only expect that you:

  • Are fluent in English
  • Are between 18-35 years old
  • Have normal vision or corrected (glasses/lenses)

Please, don’t come if you are very tired, intoxicated or ill. If you aren’t feeling well, simply contact the experimenter and we will reschedule. Additionally, you should not have any known diagnose that may affect your attentional performance (e.g ADHD).

Please take care to arrive in good time. If you are going to be late, please inform the experimenters in advance.

If the offered times do not work for you and you are interested in participating, contact us and we will try to set up a spot for you

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